How to Start the Mi-Fi JetPack

Occasionally our Spectrum internet service provider has outages. To ensure internet service to our tenants, Bauer Properties provides a backup option for internet service. Here are instructions on how to implement this backup internet service.

  • Locate the Mi-Fi in the black in-and-out box marked "Verizon Mi-Fi" in the middle mail cabinet near the back door.
  • Take the Mi-Fi out of the mesh bag.
  • Turn on the Mi-Fi by holding the button on the top of the Mi-Fi until it powers up.
  • The first digital screen that appears, will state "Usage Info is currently Unavailable".
    This will occur until it locates a connection.
  • The second digital screen that appears, will state "Connecting to the Network. Please Wait...".
    This will occur until it connects.
  • The third digital screen that appears, will display the Verizon Network usage information.
  • At this point, take a look at the battery icon in the right-hand corner of the Mifi Jetpack screen and confirm the battery has a full charge. If it is not, use the charging cord located in the mesh bag to charge the Mif-Fi Device. There is a plug next to the microwave if needed.
  • Leave the JetPack Mi-Fi next to the plug so all tenants can gain access to the Mi-Fi as needed in an outage.
  • Once the Verizon Network usage information displays, you may now connect your device.
  • On your phone, tablet or computer, go to the Wi-Fi settings screen. Here is an example on the iPhone
  • Select Wi-fi option. Wi-fi option will show all the available networks. Select "Verizon-791L-C3A3". Note it may take a moment to appear.
  • When prompted, enter the password for the Verizon-791L-C3A3 network. The password can be found on a card within the mesh bag.
  • When you leave the office and no one else is on site, turn off the Mi-Fi and return it to the mesa bag and black box marked Verizon Mi-Fi in the mail cabinet.
  • If for some reason you are unable to connect, text me and I will walk you through the process.

Follow our easy instructions on this
page to Start the Verizon JetPack Mifi.

If you needed additional assistance, feel free to call or text me and I will walk you through the process.
Jeanie Bauer
Bauer Properties