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The Flexible By-Appointment Shared Office Rentals are designed for businesses that may not need or want the burden of a full-time office. The offices are fully furnished and designed by a professional interior designer. We have four (4) shared offices available for day and evening use, therefore it is feasible to obtain your desired schedule. This type of office rental is ideal for those who are looking to keep the overhead costs down; who do not want the burden of a full-time office; who are just starting out their business; or who would like to expand their business/practice to a different county.

Tenants reserve the Flexible By-Appointment Shared Offices as they need them, using our easy-to-use online appointment calendar. Once enrolled, tenants can book appointments in advance or at a moment's notice. Our reasonable rates of $11.00 per hour make our shared office rentals very appealing.

Our ☆☆☆☆☆ Reviews…

Bauer Properties makes every effort to make sure each and every business is happy with the facility and all runs as smoothly as possible. Our innovated approach, our desire to assist small business and cozy environment have created a happy shared office facility since 2002. Check out our 5 Star reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

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Flexible to Meet Your needs

Bauer Properties offers a Flexible By-Appointment Rental Option, where tenant's reserve the Shared Offices as they need them, using our easy online appointment calendar. They are available Monday through Sunday 5:00am to 11:00pm and during Emergency hours. Our reasonable rates of $11.00 per hour make our shared office rentals very appealing. This is a great economical option for many because tenants only pay for what they need.

Bauer Properties is located in Orange California. We are in walking distance of Historic Orange Plaza & Chapman University. We are 10 minutes to several major Orange County freeways the 5, 55, 22, 57, and 91, which make it easy for all to find us. We are on the corner of Glassell and Rose Ave at 594 North Glassell Street, Orange, CA 92867.


  • ♡ Desk | Couch | 2 Chairs
  • ♡ Office Clock | Cozy Afghan | Kleenx Tissue
  • ♡ Lysol Spray | Lysol Wipes
  • ♡ Network Access WiFi
  • ♡ Backup Network Access MiFi
  • ♡ Printer | Scanner | Copier
  • ♡ Marpac DOHM-DS Noise Canceling Machine
  • ♡ HEPA Air Purifier


  • ♡ Lobby Waiting Area
  • ♡ Open Air Strolling Country Porch
  • ♡ Private Parking
  • ♡ Mail Slot & Delivery
  • ♡ 24-hour Surveillance
  • ♡ Security Lighting in the Evening hours
  • ♡ Handicap Bathroom & Ramp
  • ♡ Keurig Coffee Bar
  • ♡ Microwave Oven
  • ♡ Breville Oven
  • ♡ Refrigerator

The Flexible By-Appointment Office Rental is rented on an as needed flexible basis. This rental is $11.00 per hour with a two (2) hour minimum so at least $22.00 each time you book an appointment. Once a two (2) hour appointment has been scheduled for a specific day, additional one (1) hour blocks may be added to the day as needed.

For convenience and to keep rental costs economical, appointments are booked using our Online Appointment Calendar. Payment is collected online when you book your appointment.

With this rental option, if 8 hours are not booked for the month, tenants will be billed a Maintenance Fee up to 8 hours ($80.00). Some examples: If a tenant books five (5) hours and pays $55.00 for a particular month, they will be billed a Maintenance Fee of $25.00 for that month. If a tenant books no (0) hours and pays $0.00 for a particular month, they will be billed a Maintenance Fee of $80.00 for that month. The maintenance fee is invoiced through the PayPal payment system between the 1st-10th of the following month and is due within 5 days of receipt. This Maintenance Fee allows Bauer Properties to maintain the property when minimum appointments are not booked.

A $200.00 key deposit and a $25.00 Door Plaque fee is required. The Door Plaque fee covers the cost of creating a door plaque, which we order for each of our new tenants. The Door Plaque helps to ensure that your patients/clients know where your office is located.

Since 2002, Bauer Properties has cleaned the property extensively using Lysol disinfecting cleaning products, which has been shown to protect from the flu and other viruses. From news reports, this approach is proving to be effective for the COVID-19 virus as well. The cleaning staff cleans all surfaces, door frames, door handles, flooring surfaces, and bathroom surfaces with disinfecting cleaners and sprays.

We follow the CDC Guidelines for a clean & safe office environment. We encourage our tenants assistance with our efforts for flu and COVID-19 prevention.

Therapist Love Our Offices

Why Psychologist, Therapists, and Counselors Love Our Offices...

Therapists find it easy to build their practices at our quaint & cozy office because their clients are more comfortable and at ease in our home-like space. Our rental options allow Therapists to only pay for the office space they needed, making it affordable for professional office space.