About Bauer Properties

Bauer Properties is nestled within walking distance of the Historic Orange Plaza and Chapman University. The Old Towne area has a modern atmosphere with old-time charm. To carry over this quaint charm, Bauer Properties is designed with a combination of modern & vintage decor creating a warm and cozy ambiance for all who visit.

With over 17 years of office rental experience, Bauer Properties focuses on assisting small businesses meet their office rental needs. Our property mangement team is available to answer questions and assist with the leasing process.

Feel free to contact us we would be happy to help. Call (714) 639-8695 or email at JBauer@BauerProperties.com

Our Philosophy

Here at Bauer Properties our goal is to help small businesses see their dreams realized. We understand the struggles of starting a small business, therefore we take pride in keeping our costs as economical as possible.

We make every effort to make sure each and every business is happy with the facility and all runs as smoothly as possible.

Shared Offices

Continuing our desire to assist small business, Bauer Properties is an innovative shared office facility.

We offer a Reserve-By-Appointment (RBA) option for our shared offices. They are flexible, easy to use and are available day or evening hours. Tenants reserve the Offices as they need them, using our Easy online appointment calendar. Our reasonable rates of $10.00 per hour make our rentals very appealing.

In addition to our Reserve-By-Appointment option, Bauer Properties offers our shared offices on a Fixed schedule. Tenants reserve predefined Daily or Evening time slots base on thier specific needs.

Our innovated approach, our desire to assist small business and cozy environment have created a happy shared office facility since 2012.